solar water pumps

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Water Rhapsody

We are the Water Rhapsody branch serving Mpumalanga and Limpopo. We supply and install WWF Green Trust Award-winning
Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems. These water systems include rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, swimming pool...

HOWHOT Heat Pump water heaters

* Howhot heat pumps come with a from 50-80% promise of power saving
* Our heat pumps with a difference are more effective than solar panels
(solar panels require a back up element)
* A hot water heat pump that...

Pre-Plan Energy

Our solution focus includes generating power from Wind, Solar, Biogas and other renewable energy sources, either as a stand-alone solution, or deployed as a truly integrated hybrid power system using intelligent inverters. We also offer energy...

Zoas Projects

We focus on the manufacturing, integrating and marketing of sustainable building, energy generation and water treatment technologies.

Our products and services are carefully selected and developed to allow our growing client base and...

EfTech: Emissions Factor Technologies

"We should all do our part to stop global warming!"

The typical case with the average middle class environmentalist is that solar is too expensive to even consider. This is why I entered the solar industry myself - to solve the...

SunSync Solar

Professional Solar Solutions

SunSync's eco-friendly products and designs are specifically engineered to supplement or replace traditional forms of energy production, while bringing about a reduction in energy consumption and the recycling...

Telecom Techniques

• Renewable energy installations in rural areas.
• Solar modules.
• Solar voltage regulators.
• Submersible solar powered borehole pumps for farmers and game ranches.
• Sealed gel batteries.

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