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Printed Truth clothing

Nelle Fick is the type of designer who cares about the environment and designs clothes that are comfortable and 100% cotton.
Printed Truth is a clothing range that emphasizes authentic values. It focuses on up-cycling and being...

Solar water harvest

Rainwater Harvesting, Grey Water and Swimming Pool Backwash Re-cycling, Solar Water Heating – Save up to 90% on your water bills.

Vertical Landscapes

A Vertical Landscape is a living garden growing on a wall.

Vertical Landscapes are suitable for interiors and exteriors, and can be made to fit any wall, regardless of size or shape.

Vertical Landscapes are designed to be modular,...


Deepdesign is a cutting edge graphic design agency specialising in print & web media. We advise, create and supply solutions to all our clients various marketing needs.

Our services range from design / manufacture of environmentally...

KwaNzira Urban Farming

KwaNzira Urban Farming exists to provide households, schools, businesses and other organisations in Southern Africa with skills in sustainable living, water management and organic food and medicine production.

"We envision a healthy and...

Aidan Bennetts - Sustainable Design

Deforestation arising from the harvesting of hardwood trees is a global environmental issue, and is a contributory factor to global warming. Bamboo is a fast replenishable natural resource with a positive carbon footprint. This means that the...


Zenkaya is the ultimate choice in ready-made living space. Offering highly insulated wall panels and high quality finishes Zenkaya offers a life in style.


GreenGraffiti® is an environmentally friendly form of outdoor advertising with a clear message; clean is green. GreenGraffiti® is completely carbon neutral, is one of the first companies in the world to compensate for our water footprint! With...

Ilovani Contemporary Indigenous-wood Furniture Designers

Each piece is individually handcrafted; selected and inspired by the distinctive character of carefully chosen local timber. The result is ilovani’s trademark: an organic fusion of natural elements with contemporary feel.

By adhering to...

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