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Eco Emporium

Eco Emporium stock products that will make it possible (if not ridiculously easy) to live life greener.

But wait... we are not your typical online store that just sells a wide variety of products that suit a specific market. No people,...

Your Green Box

Living a conscious lifestyle should start from the basics with good choices about what we eat, use on our bodies, clean our homes with, feed our pets etc...

Your hair and body is only the first step to a wonderful green journey that will...

Natural Connection

Natural Connection's products are carefully selected from validated
suppliers and are:
.100% Natural
.Organic Ingredients
.Free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours and
.No sodium...

Washing Ball

A Revolutionary New Way to Clean Your Clothes
That is Environmentally Safe and will Save You Water & Electricity.

1. Contains No Toxic Chemicals

2. Is Environmentally Safe

3. Is Economical

At Last! The...

Organic Home

Specialise in 100% organic & biodynamic household; body & pet
products. Our focus: taking the chemical consumer's hand & leading them to
greener pastures with a slogan of "FEEL MY LOVE FOR YOU!"

Quensh Organic Deli

Quensh is an organic restaurant and store on the corner of Lower Main Road and Norwich Avenue in Observatory. They also run a box delivery scheme, as well as a website called Ganics, where customers can browse through the variety of organic foods...

The Peech Hotel

The Peech is a 16-room eco-boutique hotel in the chic suburb of Melrose. The rooms are spread across the one acre gardens & the hotel features a bistro and champagne bar.

The Peech is committed to operating a sustainable hotel &...


EcoExhibit is South Africa’s first physical space dedicated to sustainable development in the building industry — a space that promotes innovations in project planning, eco-design and green construction materials. Under one roof, you will...


At Ecoright we take pride in sourcing the best in eco-friendly product solutions. If you are looking at saving energy, water, or even keeping your family out of harm’s way by using biodegradable cleaning products, you have come to the right...

LG Sound - Ultrasonic Algae Control

The LG Sonic® algae control system uses pioneering ultrasound techniques to remove algae efficiently without damaging other forms of life present in the water. It reduces the formation of biofilm and some other micro-organisms in lakes, ponds,...

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