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Natural Gardening Principles

Natural Gardening Principles is founded upon a vision of green cities in a world where every garden is thriving and healthy. A space where plants emit a positive electromagnetic field that resonates with happiness, a place where people can relax,...

Solar water harvest

Rainwater Harvesting, Grey Water and Swimming Pool Backwash Re-cycling, Solar Water Heating – Save up to 90% on your water bills.

Midlands Solar Sales

Have you noticed an increase in your utility bill? Are you looking for innovative ways to reduce it? Midlands Solar Sales can assist you. We stock an extensive range of LED lights, renewable energy and solar products. Our range includes solar...

Vertical Landscapes

A Vertical Landscape is a living garden growing on a wall.

Vertical Landscapes are suitable for interiors and exteriors, and can be made to fit any wall, regardless of size or shape.

Vertical Landscapes are designed to be modular,...

Setsebi Travel

Setsebi Travel was borne of the need to provide people with a personal and holistic approach to travel management. Setsebi Travel strives to be your wise choice for your travel requirements.

We are all responsible for climate change and we...

Eco Water Clinic

Eco Friendly water treatment for pools, spas, drinking water systems, dams / reservoirs, agriculture.

We have a range of 12 eco friendly pool & spa treatment products - A "green" solution to any pool & spa problem....

Done Events and Management

We provide professional project management of corporate and sporting events.

Done Events and Management is committed to ethical and green practices. For example, we offer our clients new ways of taking the initiative of looking after their...


greentouch is every home's answer to understanding the environment and supporting it to a comfortable level that suits you needs. greentouch will assess your home and teach you about basic environmental issues that are simple, effective and...

Cullinan & Associates

Cullinan & Associates is a specialist environmental law firm with expertise in all aspects of environmental law which also offers commercial law services to clients in the green economy.

Free Rain Conservation

A dynamic company that offers water saving solutions. We offer rainwater harvesting systems, greywater recycling systems, low-flow showerheads, garden irrigation, pool backwash recycling.

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