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Beauty Without Cruelty

Defending animal rights since 1975.
Beauty Without Cruelty educate about and fight animal exploitation in all guises.
Go to the website to download their free guide to BWC endorsed humane personal and household products, some of which...

Your Green Box

Living a conscious lifestyle should start from the basics with good choices about what we eat, use on our bodies, clean our homes with, feed our pets etc...

Your hair and body is only the first step to a wonderful green journey that will...

Natural Connection

Natural Connection's products are carefully selected from validated
suppliers and are:
.100% Natural
.Organic Ingredients
.Free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours and
.No sodium...

Organic Aqua

Specialises in natural water control products for ponds &
aquariums. With our well researched products you can now stock a brand new
tank / pond immediately as it will release the beneficial bacteria, take
care of all the...

Dees Bird Seed Bells

Our bird seed bells are handmade in Cape St Francis and their
biggest selling point is the fact that THEY DO NOT CONTAIN GLUE as a binding
agent. All ingredients sourced are as organic as we can find, including the


Holisticvet is a referral-only service for dogs, cats and horses.

We provide herbal medicine, acupuncture and physical rehabilitation as well as advice on nutrition, lifestyle, environment and relationships. We adopt a holistic and...

Animal Rescue Coalition

Animal Rescue Coalition aims to improve and accelerate the provision of welfare and rights to animals and to ensure that such welfare and rights are upheld. The organisation endeavours to bring alliance partners, which may include members of the...


EcoStuff™ manufactures eco-friendly, organic, natural and safe products for controlling and killing a great variety of household pests including cockroaches and fish moths as well as parasites on pets like fleas, ticks, lice and mites....


Liveeco is your go to website and newsletter for information and advice on living a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle. We provide info on how to stay on trend with the latest eco-friendly, organic and natural fashion, beauty and lifestyle...

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