water saving products

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Solar water harvest

Rainwater Harvesting, Grey Water and Swimming Pool Backwash Re-cycling, Solar Water Heating – Save up to 90% on your water bills.

Eco Water Clinic

Eco Friendly water treatment for pools, spas, drinking water systems, dams / reservoirs, agriculture.

We have a range of 12 eco friendly pool & spa treatment products - A "green" solution to any pool & spa problem....

Water Rhapsody

We are the Water Rhapsody branch serving Mpumalanga and Limpopo. We supply and install WWF Green Trust Award-winning
Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems. These water systems include rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, swimming pool...


With concerns about water security, quality and costs becoming more of an issue in South Africa, Watercon SA is introducing new products to the market that not only make your rainwater safer but reduce your reliance on municipal water. The...

Free Rain Conservation

A dynamic company that offers water saving solutions. We offer rainwater harvesting systems, greywater recycling systems, low-flow showerheads, garden irrigation, pool backwash recycling.

JoJo Tanks

JoJo Tanks has been the SA’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene plastic storage tanks for more than 30 years. Our products are used predominantly in the agricultural, domestic and chemical industries for the storage of water, fertilizers,...

Peaceful Scapes

Peaceful Scapes offers eco-friendly landscaping, irrigation, rain water and grey water recycling systems. Started in 2003, we pride ourselves on customer service and attention to detail as we green the planet - one project at a time!


PowerPlastics Pool Covers

PowerPlastics Pool Covers is SA's oldest specialist manufacturer of swimming pool covers. Applying our insight and local awareness, we manufacture a range of affordable eco-savvy covers that lessen a pool's environmental impact. Our pool covers...


At Energywise, we believe that saving energy is having a wise approach to ones own resources, by choosing the most cost effective and efficient equipment for the job, without compromising production, quality, safety and the environment.

JMB Water Storage Solutions cc

Manufacturers of Mesh Reservoirs, concrete reservoir liners / replacement liners for leaking reservoirs & suppliers of Panel Reservoirs. Our Mesh Reservoirs are a portable and versatile water storage system. We offer a standard height of...

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