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Agri Organics

Christo Snyman is the visionary behind Agri-Organics. His instant lawn company is a household name in the Western Cape. The foundation for the commercial development of his own brand of compost comes from his clear and hands-on understanding of...


Our mission is to procure, promote and market a range of environmentally friendly products to the garden and agricultural sectors of the Southern African market.

We are in the process of extending our range to include the exciting...


Biogrow supplies a full range of certified organic and environmentally friendly plant protection and plant nutrition products to the SA market; in small packs to the Home & Garden market through Garden Centers, and in bulk directly to farmers...

EA Distributors

We specialize in vermiculture, earthworm farming,which makes use of earthworms to breakdown your kitchen waste. Other products include worms (red wrigglers), worm castings and worm tea (liquad fertilizer). We also off the bokashi bins and bran...

Farmyard Organics

Farmyard’s innovative methods of composting, combined with their use of modern machinery and technique, ensure that their various products are of the highest quality, and contain an ideal mix of essential carbon and nitrogen. Farmyard Organics...


Fertilis is a fertiliser made of the castings of earthworms. It is made by introducing earthworms into cattle manure, allowing the worms to eat and reduce the volume of the waste by up to 3 times. The earthworms digest any pathogens present in...

Fourways Garden Pavilion

On the first Saturday of each month, the Fourways Garden Pavilion hosts a green market where stalls offer organic and fresh foods as well as other green products. The setting of the stalls within the Garden Center provides a unique shopping...

Gaby Leone Indigenous Gardens

I give advice on, design, install and maintain organic indigenous and food gardens. I offer monthly garden visits with optional on-site gardener training. I supply eco-friendly gardening products such as organic compost, fertilizers and...

Global Worming

Tailor-made worm farms available at wholesale prices (on request). Order any size of worm bin that range from a pet poo operator (the smallest bin on order) to a maxi tower - 3 working bins and worms.

With your worm bin comes set-up...

Go Green Organic

Go Green Organic provides a solution to organic refuse and wet waste. Our mobile composting facility offers compost to the client and eliminates the transport emissions to the landfill. Our events greening offers 95% landfill reduction by...

Hart Nursery

Harts Nursery is a Retail Nursery specialising in mainly plants. They keep a few accessories, but not much and they do everything organically.

Their main speciality is their very own on-site seedling and compost bagging production....

Jacklin Organic

Jacklin Organic is an eco-friendly organic farm near Badplaas, Mpumalanga, offering certified organic fresh produce, dried products, sauces & condiments and compost.

Certified organic food:

  • fresh produce: salad greens, litchi,...

Masada Farm

Masada Farm is situated north east of Pretoria East, approximately 100km from Faerie Glen. It is a working farm with an emu breeding program and herb & vegetable gardens. We focus on growing all produce according to organic methods and use...

National Plant Food cc t/a Gromor

GROMOR Chicken litter based, organic fertilizer
GROMOR Compost
GROMOR Pinebark based, organic growing and seedling medium
GROMOR Organically certified, organic fertilizer pellets

Neutrog Africa

Supplier of certified organic fertiliser range: Rapid Raiser, Bounce Back & Blade Runner.


At NutriGardens, we pride ourselves in being a franchise company that looks after nature by developing and producing new systems and products to save water and the environment.

We only use natural and organic products to create solutions...

Organic Farm and Garden Supplies

OFGS provides environmental solutions and a complete range of 100% organic products for agriculture, industry and communities in Southern Africa.

Products for soil improvement; composting; plants and crops, including organic pest and...

Organic Green

KelPlus is environmentally friendly and 100% organic and providing excellent results to all those who use it. Formulated from kelp (Ecklonia maxima) and quality fish emulsion, KelPlus is an all-in-one fertilizer for anything that is green that...