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mandala seeds

The packaging is plain brown envelopes, so your seed packets should be stored in a well-sealed glass jar in a cool dark place to ensure good germination rates and seed

All packets are R15 and contain more than enough seed...

Gaby Leone Indigenous Gardens

I give advice on, design, install and maintain organic indigenous and food gardens. I offer monthly garden visits with optional on-site gardener training. I supply eco-friendly gardening products such as organic compost, fertilizers and...

The Good Garden Shoppe

We source and sell Heirloom, Organic and Open Pollinated Vegetable & Fruit Seed; Organic Garden Soil Amendments; pre-packed Container Garden Kits as well as a variety of other Organic garden products. Occasionally, we also run a Saturday or...

Reel Gardening

Reel Gardening is a pre-fertilised seed strip that encases seeds in biodegradable paper. The strips indicate the correct depth that the seeds should be buried with a coloured line and the seeds are placed at the correct distance apart from one...

Dees Bird Seed Bells

Our bird seed bells are handmade in Cape St Francis and their
biggest selling point is the fact that THEY DO NOT CONTAIN GLUE as a binding
agent. All ingredients sourced are as organic as we can find, including the

Killarney Mall Organic Market

Foodies and lovers of all things homemade, handpicked, natural, nutritious, delicious and good for the environment should get down to Killarney Mall to savour the luxurious treats on offer at the new Organic Market, every Thursday from 8.30am...

Livingseeds is South Africa's only repository dedicated to Heirloom and Open Pollinated vegetable seed. If you are looking for that unique flavor or the real old world taste of vegetables, drop by and have a look. We stock varieties of...

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The Great Chilli Farm

The Great Chilli Farm website offers chilli recipes and information as well as products for sale - chilli seeds and starter kits, hot pepper sauces and a range of Just Eat It clothing and caps.


We are a new, young, innovative company, passionate about our products and clients.

Originally from the beautiful lands of Zimbabwe, embarking on the challenges of the South African climate and industry.

Exciting products from...

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