Vertical Landscapes

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A Vertical Landscape is a living garden growing on a wall.

Vertical Landscapes are suitable for interiors and exteriors, and can be made to fit any wall, regardless of size or shape.

Vertical Landscapes are designed to be modular, allowing quick and easy installation and removal.

Almost any plant, including herbs and fruit-bearing plants, can be grown on a Vertical Landscape.

Vertical Landscapes are living, breathing works of art, that insulate buildings, save space, inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen, contribute to biological diversity, and increase the value of your property. They can even earn property developers Green Building Credits.

Vertical Landscapes are designed to require no maintenance from the owner. An automated irrigition system ensures that plants are always watered and provided with all the nutrients they require.

A few visits by our maintenance team are all that is required to keep your wall lush and covered.