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Natural Gardening Principles

Natural Gardening Principles is founded upon a vision of green cities in a world where every garden is thriving and healthy. A space where plants emit a positive electromagnetic field that resonates with happiness, a place where people can relax,...

Vertical Landscapes

A Vertical Landscape is a living garden growing on a wall.

Vertical Landscapes are suitable for interiors and exteriors, and can be made to fit any wall, regardless of size or shape.

Vertical Landscapes are designed to be modular,...

KwaNzira Urban Farming

KwaNzira Urban Farming exists to provide households, schools, businesses and other organisations in Southern Africa with skills in sustainable living, water management and organic food and medicine production.

"We envision a healthy and...

Green Power House

The Green Power House is a a model "green" home in Linden, Johannesburg. To encourage a more conscious way of living, it showcases ways to live comfortably without causing damage to the environment.
A tour of the house will show you some...

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