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Bam+Boo Nappies

*One size fits all design means one purchase instead of multiple sizes
*Easy to use and wash
*Bam+Boo's are very absorbent and keep the skin dry for hours
*Quality tested to last
*Soft and comfortable

Bio Baba

Bio-Baba is an eco-friendly all-in-one cloth nappy.

Made from soft 100% cotton, hemp and breathable PUL outer, the Bio-Baba nappy has a soft cotton flannel inner with 2 layers of hemp toweling sewn in as well as an adjustable liner made...

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Cherub Tree SA

Cherub Tree SA is a nappy that is reusable, all in one, one size fits all (adjustable).
Just some of the benefits are:
Cost is...

Doodle Bums Diapers

Following the lead of international Online Diaper stores we decided there was a real necessity for a central portal aimed busy Mums & Dads in South Africa who are investigating and wanting to buy Re-usable Cloth Nappies. This store is a...

Earth Babies

Products and Information to Assist Parents in achieving a more Instinctive and Nurturing Parenting Style; Including Natural Birth, Water Birth, Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding, Baby Wearing, Elimination Communication, Cloth Diapering and...

Eco Bambino

Eco Bambino is a company concerned for the environment. We distribute eco-friendly baby products.

We sell Moltex Oko biodegradable disposable nappies that are a convenient, eco-friendly alternative for the busy parent who cares about the...

Eco Emporium

Eco Emporium stock products that will make it possible (if not ridiculously easy) to live life greener.

But wait... we are not your typical online store that just sells a wide variety of products that suit a specific market. No people,...

Lime Fusion

Lime Fusion is an outlet showcasing a range of completely non-toxic products. We sell mainly organic products including comprehensive organic hair, skin and body ranges, organic cotton feminine hygiene products, organic essential and carrier...

Mother Nature Products

Mother Nature Products supplies a range of 100% natural bamboo/cotton blend shaped cloth nappies, which can be used instead of or in conjunction with traditional disposable nappies. The advantages of using these cloth nappies include reduced...


Naturalwise online eco-store sustains and promotes natural, eco-friendly living by bringing you a wonderful range of select natural products. A well stocked online store with a wide range of categories including organic beauty, body and skincare...

Organic Soulfoods

Organic Soulfoods distributes three product ranges, namely Peter Rabbit Quick Mixes, Clipper Organic Beverages, and Moltex Eco Nappies. The Peter Rabbit Quick Mix Muffin range comes in a variety of flavours, such as Choc-Chip and Carrot and...

Scarecrow Organics

We are currently working on our new website which will include an online shop. Due to the overwhelming success of our knitwear we have launched our Niabi range and you can currently view our hand knitted products on


Welcome to the world of beautiful, reusable, soft, cloth nappies.

Snugglybum cloth nappies are easy to use, easy to wash and easy to dry... and of course, kind to our planet.

Our pocket nappies are a one size, birth to potty system,...

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Stegi eco nappy

Stegi eco nappy - 100% caring - by converting to cotton nappies, you will be playing your part in protecting the environment.

Disposable nappies are not biodegradable and since they are so widely used, contribute significantly to filling...

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Your Green Box

Living a conscious lifestyle should start from the basics with good choices about what we eat, use on our bodies, clean our homes with, feed our pets etc...

Your hair and body is only the first step to a wonderful green journey that will...