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Africa Smiles

Africa Smiles is a wholesaler situated in Waterfall, KwaZulu Natal. For the past 10 years we have been producing and marketing a range of beautiful African gifts.

Our vision is, through craft work, to enable people to express their...


Babazeka is all about helping social-upliftment projects to develop and thrive. Our online store gives businesses who empower previously disadvantaged South Africans an easy way to reach more people like you so that in the end, everyone...


Blossom is a stockist of contemporary handmade goods. We strive to include recycled, natural and organic materials in our products such as linen, cotton, pure wool, bamboo and hemp. Products include clothing, jewellery, accessories, ceramics,...

Carbon d’Afreeque

Carbon d’Afreeque is a line of high-end
eco-pieces made from recycled PVC billboard skins.
Before being incinerated or dumped into landfills,
these skins are intercepted and transformed into
unique designer and utility...

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The Clothing & Textile Environmental Linkage Centre (CTELC), funded by Danida and the Department of Trade and Industry, is a project aimed at strengthening the link between the clothing industry, retailers and cleaner textile production in...


Earthwear is a home business run by a stay-at-home mum in Limpopo. Prompted by the lack of natural, affordable kids' clothes, toys and accessories that did not 'cost the earth', she started making her own. Her site offers earth- and kid-friendly...

Eco Trend Collection

Eco Trend Collection designs and manufactures clothing and accessories that are handcrafted using blends of natural and organic raw materials. Our company subscribes to the principles of fair trade and is affiliated to the organic trade...

Fashion Exchange

Fashion Exchange is a company that organizes clothing exchange events whereby people come together and exchange their unwanted, lightly worn or new, clothes and accessories. The events are not just a place where you can source a new wardrobe...


Fundudzi, with its name drawn by the sacred lake of the vhaVenda people, was created out of a desire to empower other younger designers by giving them a platform to explore their creativity. Creatively steered by Craig Jacobs, the label believes...

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Ethical fashion is picking up pace and more of us are realising the impact of the mainstream fashion industry on our increasingly fragile environment. Fusio has embarked upon the path of transformation through the development of a model that...

Give it Bag

Karma, providence, the channelling of universal energy or just plain goodwill, call it what you will,making the world a better place through our actions is the heart and essence of GIVE IT BAG.

Made in South Africa with local labour, GIVE...


Introduced in May 2008 as a first of its kind in Africa, the GreenHabitatHanger is a 100% recyclable eco-friendly hanger designed in a bid to curb the endless stream of plastic and wire retail hangers that ends up in South Africa's already...


Hemporium is a South African hemp company, founded in 1996. We aim to educate people about hemp's potential through the use of innovative products while creating an awareness of all that hemp has to offer. Our long term goal is to promote the...

Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust

Hillcrest AIDS Centre trust is a non-profit organization that aims to help those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in a practical way. The centre helps members of its community by providing home-based care, education, feeding schemes, income...

House of Hemp

Distributor of quality hemp fabrics including 100% hemp, hemp canvas, hemp cotton, hemp denim, hemp linen, hemp rayon, hemp silk blends, hemp tencil, hemp wool.

Kisma Kreative

Turning Trash into Treasures

All Kisma items are handmade from waste materials we gather from around town, resources that would otherwise end up in our ever growing landfills.

Kisma substitutes more traditional materials and craft...

Lava Ink Custom Clothing

Wholesalers of organic fitted t shirts for men and women. At the moment we supply these in a natural colour. We also brand these goods using water based eco-friendly inks that are biodegradable.

Our aim for the future is to be 100%...


Liveeco is your go to website and newsletter for information and advice on living a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle. We provide info on how to stay on trend with the latest eco-friendly, organic and natural fashion, beauty and lifestyle...

Love Project

Born out of pure love the Love Project is a unique gift, clothing and bookstore. This store is about making a difference within its community by spreading the message of love through gifts being sold.
All handmade products consist of both...