recycling collection service

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Be Green Recycling cc

Our clients include a number of the premier and most recognizable businesses in South Africa.

We have saved clients up to 66% of their monthly waste removal costs by removing their plastic at no cost. For many businesses, plastic is a...


Greencycle provides a convenient and inexpensive recycling collection service to the homes and businesses of Port Elizabeth.

Most of the household waste you throw away every week could go to recycling instead of landfill. Not only your...

Plastics Federation of SA

The Plastics Federation represents the Plastics Industry of South Africa. The Federation members represent all sectors of the SA Plastics Industry including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers and...

Ecycle Electronic Recycling

An e waste collection service for the whole of the Western Cape.

Bright Idea Projects

A recycling collection company that collects recyclables from homes in the northern suburbs.


A recycling collection service in the Southern Suburbs and City Bowl.

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