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Imvelo Awards for Responsible Tourism

To be made for the eighth time this year, the Imvelo awards have had a huge impact on tourism in South Africa, creating significant awareness of environmental management issues in the industry.

The awards are in line with the Responsible...

Eat In South African Produce Awards

The Eat In South African Produce Awards were created by the annual food directory and magazine, Eat In, to recognise independent producers and retailers whose integrity, care for the environment, passion and innovation are putting South Africa on...

Real Simple Green Innovation Awards

The Real Simple Green Innovation Awards aim to applaud home-grown green products, services and solutions as well as those entrepreneurs who are turning the eco-problems of today into green solutions for the future.

The categories include...

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The eta Awards

The eta Awards is an annual event sponsored by Eskom. eta is the Greek symbol for efficiency, hence the name of the Awards, which aim to promote the more efficient use of energy and to improve business competitiveness. The purpose of the awards...

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