telephone number 021 686 2026
physical address Studio 7 & Shop 2, Montebello Art and Design Center, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town

Mielie’s mission is to design and produce innovative, export-quality hand-crafted products using reclaimed materials - with the aim of creating employment and restoring dignity and financial independence to South Africans.

Passionate about job creation…

The employment created at Mielie is sustainable, and allows people to work from home. Our office, workshop and shop are in Newlands, Cape Town - but the majority of our products are created off site in the homes of our capable artists, in townships around the city.

Passionate about our planet…

Whilst retaining an international standard of quality, we are committed to making products that are environmentally conscious, using reclaimed materials wherever possible.

Passionate about design…

We are committed to excellent design, and are allergic to the idea of pity purchases. At Mielie, a product is only considered successful if it creates a job, is mindful of the environment - and is competitively and beautifully designed.