Men @ Work

Rowan and Svenja
telephone number 021 556 6539
fax number 021 556 5358
physical address 82 Raats Drive, Tableview, Cape Town, 7441
postal address PO Box 60929, Tableview, Cape Town, 7439

We believe in quality and service, unfortunately a lacking element in today’s maintenance and building industry. We provide a service for any building, renovation, repair or restoration that may be needed. No longer will you have to spend hours on the telephone trying to find, screen and negotiate with reliable companies to undertake your different requirements. We handle everything on your behalf. The teams that are employed by us and that we contract are qualified in their respective fields and have been researched in order to ensure that their work is professionally done and presented. During this time when we are at the mercy of electricity and water being supplied to us at inflated rates, we offer environmentally friendly alternatives such as geyser blankets, grey water systems, solar powered geysers, invertors, wind turbines, roof insulation and Geyser Wise, a device that regulates the temperature of your geyser, switching it on only when needed.