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Green Renaissance

Green Renaissance is a division of African Renaissance Productions, focused on tailoring environmentally specific video content for multiple media channels. Over the past ten years, African Renaissance has produced a wide range of documentary...

Cape Town Television

Cape Town TV is dedicated to providing the people of Cape Town with a television service that is entertaining, informative and educational. The channel is run by a non-profit organisation and is licensed as a community television...

Hybrid Living

This lifestyle/entertainment show is based on sourcing relevant people and locations that reflect the best of contemporary eco-friendly culture and lifestyle mix. The shows green content will seek to cover famous personalities/celebrities,...

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Pax Afrika is an unruly teen who just happens to have been chosen by the spirits of the Ancestors to save the world. And boy, does it need saving. The environment is ravaged, plants are virtually extinct and animals have mutated into nasty...

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50/50 - the balance between nature and humankind.

A television programme that has, for twenty years, presented the successes and disasters of conservation to South Africa's people.

50/50 has influenced environmental policy, stirred...

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