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Thermguard Lite consists of 70% recycled newsprint with 30% harmless household chemicals added to make the product fire retardent and insect and rodent resistant. With the installation of the latest machinery from the USA Thermguard Lite is now able to reduce the density of regular Thermguard by 20%. This allows more air to be trapped between the fibres giving you the customer a lighter less expensive product with superior insulation values.

Environment Friendly
Thermguard Lite is installed extensively in the USA and Europe as it consists of 70% recycled newsprint which is used to conserve energy - a very ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY CONCEPT.

Fire Retardent
Insect and Rodent resistant
Contains no mineral asbestos or glass fibres
Gives 100% coverage
No wastage
Excellent acoustic properties

Packaging - Thermguard Lite is supplied in plastic bags for both contractors and D.I.Y. enthusiasts.