The Enviro Loo

telephone number 011 762 1624
fax number 011 762 3717
postal address PO box 13, Kya Sands, Johannesburg, 2163

A non-flush, dry sanitation toilet designed for the benefit of all communities.

The system doesn't use water or chemicals; it is completely odourless and there is no effluent seepage into underground water reserves.

It poses no risk of pollution to the surrounding environment and it satisfies the dignity of all users!

Just as nature recycles garden refuse into compost, the Enviro Loo Dry Sanitation System provides the right environment for human waste, toilet paper and organic material to break down through a natural process into an inoffensive compost-like material.

The Enviro Loo operates by separating the liquid and solid wastes. The system then utilises radiant heat and adequate ventilation to pass through the waste within the sealed container, thus converting solid waste, via the stimulated bacterial and biological activity, into a compost like material.