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A new energy drink hits South African shelves, certified 100% OrganicA new energy drink hits South African shelves, certified 100% Organic

Say hello to the world's first 100% organic, vegetarian and FairTrade approved energy drink! Racing driver Toby Scheckter delivers a product that is great-tasting, gives energy galore plus is good for you and the earth too.

Unlike most commercial energy drinks, Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy possesses no added preservatives, artificial additives or colours. The super-food ingredients sourced from all round the world make up the energetic properties of this beverage and the fruity taste is uniquely refreshing.

So why did Toby Scheckter, winner of the 2004 Skusa SUPERNATS kart finals, spend the last 2 and a half years developing this kind of product? A tiny clue is that his father, South African race legend Jody Scheckter, owns UK's largest organic farm. The Ferrari F1 World Champion set up Laverstoke Park farm when he started a family, as an interest in healthy food and lifestyle often begins. Jody’s certified biodynamic and organic farm in Hampshire is now as big as 2,500 hectares and sells a large variety of produce.

Jody Scheckter on Laverstoke Park farmJody Scheckter on Laverstoke Park farm

Having grown up on an organic farm and being involved in the day-to-day activities of running it, Toby claims to have a ‘deep understanding and appreciation for the processes involved in producing quality organic products’. His very active lifestyle meant products that could lend more energy were of interest, but Toby found he just couldn’t approve of those commercial energy drinks available.

There is so much junk out there,’ he says. ‘I very quickly became tired of drinking energy drinks that tasted dreadful and were full of cheap, unhealthy, poor-quality ingredients. Sure the certifications aren’t bullet-proof, but our product is a hell of a lot better than most things out there.’

While many commercial energy drinks contain ingredients that havent even undergone the proper safety tests (so that health experts advise pregnant women and young children to avoid them), others are a little suspect such as taurine that is considered toxic and ephedrine that can be bad for the heart.

The high level of caffeine and other stimulants in commercial energy drinks have been known to cause heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia. Energy drinks can also cause the kidneys to remove extra fluid into the urine - called the ‘diuretic effect’ - and so if drank while exercising can cause severe dehydration. The drink ‘Red Bull’ is even banned in countries like France, Denmark and Norway.

Having met Toby at the media launch, I'm convinced he's a nice guy =)Having met Toby at the media launch, I'm convinced he's a nice guy =)

We want to make ‘organic’ more mainstream,’ says Toby Scheckter, ‘but the truth is making a product naturally costs 10 times more than if you did so synthetically, as there are no shortcuts in organic farming.’

At the moment the focus is on becoming a serious competitor within the existing market of energy drinks and the surprisingly comparable price of OrganicEnergy making the healthier option more viable for consumers.

Even though the ethical aspect is a big part of it, this drink doesn’t compromise on flavour, as winning Gold in the UK’s prestigious Great Taste awards this year just went to prove.

Full of antioxidants, OrganicEnergy is a mix of lemon, pomegranate and elderberry juices, plus a little raw cane sugar. The raw green coffee bean extract gives you a more sustained release of energy than other energy drinks, the ‘ginseng’ helps your body deal with stress better, ‘gingko biloba’ with mental performance and the ingredient ‘guarana’ gives physical and mental endurance.

As a business, Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy is determined to inspire a healthier way of life for people and planet,’ Toby says. ‘The route of sustainability is at the heart of my company and producing an organic energy drink in sustainable ways is my passion.’

Ingredients sourced from all around the world – all of Sicily, Germany, Austria, Cuba, Paraguay, China, Turkey, Iran and Brazil – make an enchanting mix of exotic flavours. But what of the carbon footprint?

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy drink is available locally for purchase at Woolworths, The Wellness Warehouse, Kauai in Virgin Active Gyms and in Camps Bay, and selected Engen QuickShops nationwide.