Mr Power

Roger Bulgin
telephone number 011 804 2988
fax number 011 802 6503
physical address Sandton area, Johannesburg
postal address Box 403, Gallo Manor 2052

The Geyser Controller - This little gadget is easily installed into your electrical distribution board and can save you between 40-60% of your geyser costs. Money far better spent on you, your home and family. The Geyser Controller is programmed to switch off your geyser when hot water is not required in large amounts. It differs from a timer as it detects current as opposed to time so is ONLY active for the period of time necessary to get the water to the pre-set temperature and will then cancel the rest of the time period. It features a handy boost button should you need it. Interestingly, a normal geyser is what uses the most electricity in the majority of households – sometimes up to 60% of the total bill. Mr Power’s Geyser Controller can therefore reduce your electricity bill by 20%-30% – which is a huge saving (especially with the ever-increasing costs of power). Plus – you are doing your bit for the environment by saving energy – and will have a bit extra in the bank. The best part is that you will see a reduction in your bill within the first few months and the Geyser Controller pays for itself within a year.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) - The Geyser Controller also works in conjunction with the Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit – one regulates the function of the geyser and the other stabilizes and optimizes the usage of electricity. They work independently, but when used together, you save more! In fact, if both products are installed, Mr. Power guarantees you will save a minimum of 20% of your total energy bill.

LED down-lights - 50 watt down-lights have a bad reputation for burning out quickly, chewing electricity and getting stuck in the fitting – all of this is because they draw a lot of energy, most of which is lost in heat. In some extreme cases, they can even become a fire hazard. Mr Power’s LED down-lights are the solution to all these problems. They are of such a high quality their lifespan is anywhere between 15 000 and 25 000 hours! Assuming they are on for an average of four hours a day, the LED down-lights will last well over 20 years. AND, Mr Power guarantees them for two years from purchase. The benefits include:

  • LED lights have a life cycle of 15 years plus
  • LED lights give a fuller spectrum of light and don’t attract insects
  • LED lights have zero mercury content
  • LED lights now have a similar quality of light as that of a halogen in both the luminescence and diffusion of light
  • LED lights run on 10% electricity or less of halogen lights – they only draw 5 watts (as opposed to 50 watts)

Mr Power has a great calculator on his website where you can instantly see what your investment is, what you’ll save monthly and how long it will take before you receive payback… its astonishing: