interactive climate change centre to be built at v&a waterfront

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Mon, 2011-12-12 13:24

Imagine there was a place you could go to learn about Climate Change in a fun, interactive way?

The International Polar Foundation is bringing these kind of science centres to the world and South Africa gets to accommodate the first one!!

A small taste of what is to beA small taste of what is to be

(image by Grant Mcpherson)

For young and old, businesses and families, this science society interface will function to provide all the information and knowledge to empower a more ecologically responsible future.

With the recent discoveries on humankind’s specific

effect on their environment, one thing is clear: we need to change our behaviour, realizing once and for all that our decisions have a greater impact on the climate.

A showcase for the research that is currently being conducted in the Polar Regions, the proposed Polaris Climate Change Observatory (spear-headed by Prince Albert of Monaco) is an attempt to marry science and society as well as an opportunity for global knowledge-sharing.

'This development is a sure recognition of South Africa’s professional institutions and world-class research centres,' said Felicty Purchase at the launch on behalf of the City of Cape Town. ‘We are happy for Cape Town to become a hub of discussion and action on the issue of Climate Change.'

Intending to emphasise our impact on our environment, this epic and ground-breaking centre will serve to explain and demonstrate climate complexities in an engaging and interactive manner so that everyone may become informed.

Watch this spaceWatch this space

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Among the many other functions of this centre, this Climate Change Observatory will; explain the stark polar landscapes, contain an exhibit that tells the story of the history of the earth - making clear also the recent drastic climate changes – as well as housing an observatory that makes to point out our planets place within the universe.

‘How often do you get a chance to change history? said Didi, head of the International Polar Foundation.
‘The main message is that this exciting new project is making to address the issues rather than faffing around. We believe in a future and working together.’

The International Polar Foundation began in 2002 in reaction to vast and in-depth international collaborative scientific research in the Polar Regions. Their impressive zero-emission research station built in East Antarctica is evidence of the foundations belief that anything is possible if only there is the will to co-operate and act.

The Foundation is adamant that by allowing a gross mass of the population to continue living without the tools to understand how our complex world functions, there could result a case of further mismanagement of limited natural resources, which we simply cannot afford to allow to happen at this point of the game!

The Polar Foundation believe that in order to have a future of innovative solutions we need 'radical scientific capacity building' to take place. They want to help the coming generations to be more scientifically and technically competent so that they are able to adapt to the needs of managing the earth responsibly.

After all, knowledge is a right as well as a means to empowerment.

The Polaris Climate Change Observatory is being built at the end of a historical pier at the V&A Waterfront and should be completed by 2014.