hot new trend: yarn bombing

Submitted by sproutingforth on Mon, 2012-02-27 13:24

Not exactly a 'green' trend, but definitely a revolution. Yarn bombing is knit and crochet graffiti – colourful pieces of knit wrapped around telephone posts, around branches of trees and over abandoned cars.

It's creating graffiti, with yarn (the not SA word meaning 'wool'). And those who do it, consider it artistic vandalism. It's also a girl thing (mostly), as opposed to street art and graffiti, both of which are dominated by guys.

It's turning what is considered a distinctly 'matronly' craft and making it part of the urban streetscape. And it's a global phenomenon (google it, and you'll see). Who needs an aerosol can, if you've got knitting needles and ball of wool?

It's a way of reclaiming public space, without defacing it – knit and crochet work are hardly permanent now are they? A yarn bomb is a piece of crochet or knit that is made a little smaller than the object you intend it to go around or on, so that it can stretch and hug the given object.

And to sew it in place? Well, some use cable ties, some sew, some do both.

Anyone seen any around SA?

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