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Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Mon, 2012-01-16 14:03

The more I see how much DIY has become a worldwide trend in recent years - due to lack of money and a growing green conscience - the more I am beginning to believe that the recession has helped to trigger society back into a place of creativity and self-sufficiency.

From the Facebook group ReUseConnectionFrom the Facebook group ReUseConnection

From making your own cushion covers to creating furniture from the wood of used Christmas trees, innovative creations have been springing up everywhere. And you have only to look to the internet or your own mind for ideas.

Having recently visited a friend who had upcycled her entire home (from a crumbling old farm house into an incredible modern home) as well as every piece of interior having an impressive history and refurbishing story to boot, I am completely converted to this method of home design.

Not only is DIY surprisingly easy, but it also brings with it an amazing sense of achievement and pride. From trash to treasure, we can be alchemists every one.

Gone are the times when aquiring a beautiful home interior has to be expensive. Although it does take some time and effort, transforming something old and making it attractive again can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

You can just start with something small, like giving those old shelves a lick of paint, before you go on to tackling the bigger challenges. Explore what you enjoy – if you like ceramics, why not contact a local potter and help them to fill their kiln? Nothing beats the feeling of eating from bowls you made, plus they can make great gifts too.
Even making a simple photo frame can be rewarding!

Everything in Kayla's home is from junk shops, inherited or refurbishedEverything in Kayla's home is from junk shops, inherited or refurbished

If you are not such a hands-on person, you can still participate in upcycling by the way you choose to shop. Blind consumerism should be a thing of the past, and trash looked on with new eyes is an imperative behavioral change needed for a better future.

For example getting your old sofa re-upholstered is an affordable way of injecting a fresh look to your home! Browsing markets can be interesting, as you never know what you may find - vintage crockery can add a distinguished look to any kitchen and have you pondering it's past for hours. It is also good to shop as local as you can and support local designers.

Perhaps the recession can help teach us the art of valuing what we have more than ever, becoming more capable and self-sufficient. And why the hell not?

Still not convinced? Check out the Pinterest site for original ideas communicated through photography or let Rachel Ashwell help convince you that shabby is indeed chic ( 'Shabby Chic' )

Milnerton Market every Sunday is a top favorite for quality vintage finds, KEAG is an awesome local project working to make art from trash and you can buy great old house junk at Ross Demolitions .