Harvest of Hope

Jenny Smuts
telephone number 021 371 1653
cellphone number 082 366 8777

Harvest of Hope box delivery scheme gives you a wonderful variety of vegetables grown in the townships, which provides you with organic produce and creates jobs, enabling the poor to help themselves and live with dignity.

Harvest of Hope is working with local township groups, each made up of 3 to 8 farmers, most of whom are women anxious to feed their families. Plots are typically the size of an average classroom, and they grow great vegetables, but struggle to get access to markets. These gardeners are providing themselves and their families with food, but hope to sell the rest of their crops. Some growers are so excited that they’re setting aside prime parts of their land to grow exclusively for Harvest of Hope.

Harvest of Hope needs a secure ongoing market for 100-300 boxes per week. The gardeners know that they will earn R1 per week for each square metre of garden they have contracted into the scheme – modest, but regular and ongoing income.

Each week we buy 10% more produce than we need to fulfil the orders and ensure that we pack your boxes with only the best of the crop. We will deliver your boxes of freshly picked vegetables to your children’s school, where you can collect it when you fetch your children.

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