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copyright: ecoservecopyright: ecoserveAround the world & in SA today:Are we all doomed – is it too late to stop the global warming crises? The European Union apparently feels that some European countries have handed out too many carbon permits and is urging further cuts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Neither the US or Australia are in on this scheme to meet targets set by the Kyoto protocol and critics of the European Trading Scheme are saying that infact the limits are too high. [BBC]

Whilst the EU and critics battle away at emissions, controversial author James Lovelock was in London recently to lecture on the environment to the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He believes we’re wasting our time battling away at reducing carbon emissions, likening it to dialysis if your kidneys fail – it just buys you time. In his view, the earth has survived dramatic climate change at least seven times and, whilst a hot earth will only support about 500 million people (a tenth of it’s 6 billion strong population), the species won’t die out. The scientist, who has alienated environmentalists by backing nuclear power (read his book – The Revenge of Gaia) believes that rises in temperature of up to 8C are going to occur whether we try and curb this or not. [IOL]

Al Gore, in an interview with National Geographic, believes that it isn’t too late, despite reports that the earth is at its hottest in 400 years. [National Geographic]

And Japan has developed a model turbine aimed at homeowners, in a bid to aid the energy crisis. The idea is to change society's dependence on fossil fuels. The Loopwing will be displayed at the Eco-Product 2006 Exhibition in Tokyo between the 14th & 16th December. [Loopwing]

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