greening it up – tue 05 dec

Submitted by sproutingforth on Tue, 2006-12-05 11:40

News from around the world & SA today:

How big is your carbon footprint? Want to find out? Be green, a website educating and inspiring people to find ways to offset carbon emissions, offers you a number of ways to greenify your life. [Be Green]

Global warming could mean lower crop yields, says Washington where a group of farm and food experts gathered for the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Researchers (note long and important sounding name) annual meeting. They site that warming could mean drought and shorter growing seasons for some areas of the world while in others increased flooding might result. But, wait! Their solution? The development of hardier ‘climate-ready’ crops that can withstand warmer climates and resist waters and salt. Smacks of thinly disguised GM PR to me! [IOL] Find out more about GM in SA on the SafeAge website.

Senior employees at thecontroversial landfill site in Shongweni, KwaZulu Natal have admitted that the fumes from the site are ‘unpleasant’ but deny that these noxious smells are a risk to human health. Is the dump safe? [IOL]

It’s not all bad news today. Brazil has created the world’s largest tropical rainforest preserve in a section of the Amazon rainforest – long scarred by illegal logging. Me wonders if this isn’t a case of too little too late if you consider that one fifth of the Rainforest has already been destroyed and new figures in a report by a Brazilian congressional committee says the Amazon is vanishing at a rate of 52 000 square km per year. It’ll be gone by 2050. [IOL]

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