greening it up - thurs 23 nov

Submitted by sproutingforth on Thu, 2006-11-23 13:38

Around the world today: Really good reason to buy a Gary Larson 2007 calendar - apart from the fact that his work is really funny (!) is that all his earnings from the 3 million calendars printed will go to Conservation International to help end illegal wildlife trade in Asia. He's apparently come out of retirement to release this page-a-day calendar. [Treehugger]

Japan has introduced dual mode trains, which can run on roads like a bus in low density areas and then on rails in more developed areas - cool, hey? [Treehugger]

The destruction of wetlands around Lake Victoria is fast removing a buffer that stops it being poisoned by sewage and industrial waste - the worst case scenario is that the lake is going to die. [M&G]

Zim has launched a campaign to save energy, urging locals to switch off lights, hotwater tanks and computers to prevent yet further power cuts - and I thought Bob had decided to 'go green'? [M&G]

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