green jobs i-wec style as local wind turbine making tools up

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The I-WEC Story

How many engineering companies, or any other manufacturing concern for that matter, have a witch as their logo? Not many conventional companies for sure. That I-WEC's full name is a bit of a tongue twister also makes them stand out - Isivunguvungu Wind Energy Converter! Logos and names aside, these guys are working their magic in the local wind energy sector, that's for sure.

I-WEC recently launched it's turbine manufacturing facility with the arrival of a giant mould that will be used to manufacture wind turbine blades in South Africa for the first time. With all the Wind Energy development projects lined up, I-WEC will play an important role in the proliferation of local green-collar jobs.

"Something is happening, something new, something exciting, something with future", says Michael Kast, IWEC Managing Director.

Looking at their launch video, the energy, excitement and enthusiasm is obviously palpable. This is the potential of a green energy sector - fueling the empowerment of youth and providing new jobs and opportunities.

This is what some of the employees had to say:

"I think we are contributing to a large extent to the renewable energy sector here in the country"

"We are literally writing the book as we go along... at the moment IWEC basically is the wind turbine industry in South Africa"

"We're going to grow really big - 300 to 400 to 500 people even, and these guys will have the chance to be team leaders"

"The way that the people are thinking is the right way for South Africa, we need the technology transfer, we need people with skills"

"The company is building these turbines from scratch and are getting local people in part of the production... keeping it within South Africa"

"It's organic, it's growing, you're adapting to challenges that you weren't aware of before and so there's a real sense of flexibility and dynamicism which is in the office every day"

"Everyone's excited, everyone's motivated, everyone's ambitious. We've got big plans. The eyes of the country are on us and we're going to give it a full shot"

Indeed, we have great expectations and will be watching with interest!

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