Paulo Aveleira
telephone number 021 510 7709
fax number 086 630 7900

We personally deliver to our customer superb organic products. All our products are certified organic. We offer variety and reflect the seasons through the different produce that are available.

We offer a friendly and efficient service that makes our customers life easier. Our sophisticated online ordering system is designed to be easy to use and allows our customers to do their weekly organic shopping in less than 10 minuets. Customers are able to easily customise and set up regular orders. Our system also keeps track of each customer's likes and dislikes and automatically suspends deliveries when our customers go on holidays.
Deliveries are free; we do not charge deposits and prepayments.

All our products are delivered regularly, every week. We drop off the orders on a predetermined route wherever the customer prefers and bill direct to their credit card only after we have delivered.

We support our local farmers and we seek out the smaller independent producers that take great pride in their work.

Ganics Organic Products is committed to the Organic principles. We aim to be the greenest grocer and promote an organic life.