flow: for love of water review

Submitted by Melanie on Mon, 2010-03-29 17:00

This thought provoking and lucid film was shown on the 22nd March 2010: World Water Day at the Two Oceans Aquarium. With sponsorship from Pick 'n Pay and support from GreenHouse. It explores the idea put forward by the UN: Clean Water for a Healthy Earth.

FLOW shows us how quickly we are running out of fresh water. 70% of fresh water is used in agriculture and another 20% in industry, yet it is the common person that bears the brunt of the water shortage. Thousands of people die yearly due to a lack of access to fresh water, yet the clean water is available to them. At a cost. Water is now a for profit industry and the 3rd World is being forced into allowing private industry to gain control of their water.

FLOW explains that private industries build dams, cleaning and sanitising plants and pipes to transport water, and this is fantastic for the city dwellers, but the river that once ran through the rural lands has been dammed and this has lead to droughts, lost homes and illness for those who relied on it. Those who can't afford the new premiums on water.

FLOW is not just a harbinger of doom. The filmmakers show us how people have joined together to rid their countries of privatised water and how scientists and technologists have devised ways to make clean and fresh water available to all humanity.

Are dams the wrong solution? Should we be looking for micro solutions for each person and each home? Should we look at the traditional methods for water purifying, and stop the reliance on technologically and chemically purified water?

This is a film of introspection. What are we doing with our water? Most of us who will see this film have at one time bought bottled water yet we are the ones in a position to change things. Let's take up the protest for those who have no fresh water and take responsibility for our choices and lifestyle.

This film needs to be seen by everybody, urban and rural. The choices that we make to lessen our reliance on piped water and use every precious drop before it runs out is the only thing standing in the way of our own extinction.

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