fairtrade – sa's 16 producers, and where you can buy them

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Fairtrade: the facts

  • SA is home to the first Fairtrade wine operation in the world – Thandi Wines (2003)
  • wine has become one of the most important Fairtrade products in SA
  • as of March 2012 SA boasts 16 Fairtrade certified wine grape producers, and over 39 companies involved in Fairtrade wine-making and trading
  • in 2010 17 million bottles of Fairtrade wine were drunk globally
  • two thirds of these were from SA
  • for every Fairtrade labelled bottle you buy, 50 cents goes back to the farm workers to use for social economic investment (some include education and training programmes for workers and families)
  • Fairtrade certification means wine is produced sustainably in accordance with Fairtrade Standards

Fairtrade wines include:

Appollis/Bosman family vineyards, Deetlefs, Douglas Green, Fairhills, Fairvalley, Five's Reserve, Frieda's vine, Palesa, Place in the Sun, Partnership Vineyards, Rebourne, Six Hats, Sonop Wines, Stellenrust Wines, Thandi Wines, Tukulu and Vineyards Selection.

All of these are available in local shops.

For more info and stockists.

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