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Submitted by turbosprout on Tue, 2006-12-19 12:24

The simple, but intriguing invitation printed on brown paper leaflets and distributed at organic and health shops around Cape Town suggested this might be an open garden day with a difference.

And although the "earth artists unplugged open garden festival at valley house" in Constantia had some visitors that were obviously part of the mink and manure set I found Jenny Louw, winner of Top Billing Landscaper of 2006, to be refreshingly different.

I identified immediately with her gardening philosophy outlined in her information pamphlet and reiterated by her during the tour of her incredible garden:

"Our approach has been one that combines what we call intelligent, emotional and spiritual gardening... it is about the hundreds of different magical processes, cycles and events that take place around us all the time."

I enjoyed her anecdotes regaled during the tour, but was really able to soak up the spirit of the garden once the crowds had moved on for tea. It really is a peaceful, special place.

The vegetable garden was fantastic, most impressive was the grove of giant banana trees that produce fruits that Jenny reckons taste nothing like even organic Woolies bananas, but are rather like honey in your mouth!

This was a real treat and hopefully it becomes an annual outing or even expanded to include other gardens that share in the same philosophy.

So look out for little brown pamphlets lying around organic shops and enjoy earth artists next outing if you can.

From the earth artists website:

eternal mother
i revere you
worship your perfection
bow to your wisdom
rejoice in your beauty
earth my sanctuary
your creatures my family
your elements my life force
your miracles my inspiration
you are everything

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