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Submitted by MichaelE on Tue, 2010-10-19 14:50

Cape Town is making a bid for the title of World Design Capital 2014, and Men About Town, Mokena Makeka & Rory Williams, are running a competition to explore new ideas for the city. Selected entries will be brought together in a book, and will be considered for inclusion in Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 bid book.

Your entry can be submitted in written or drawn form before the 1st of November and you will be eligible for a prize and your entry considered for inclusion in the handbook. Those who submit the top 3 ideas will each get R 2000, and the next four top ideas will each get R 1000.

The topics, themes, concepts and ideas you can submit, in visual or written form, are virtually limitless. They are hoping for a mix of completely wild and wacky on the one hand, and serious planning proposals on the other.

Entries will be judged not primarily on their technical feasibility, their ability to be implemented or their artistic excellence, but on their originality and potential to generate new ideas for shaping the future of the city.

They offer the following ideas to stimulate ideas: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Recycle is the mantra of a low-impact lifestyle. That fourth step, repurpose, is about finding new uses beyond what something was originally designed for. Shipping containers are used as hair salons, roads as playgrounds, walls as public art, urban squares as skateboard parks. Think of something to repurpose in a way you've never seen, and tell them about it, or better still, draw it.

If Cape Town were a person, what would she be like? A rock star, a poet, a young surfer, a beach bum, a teenager in t-shirt and jeans? How would her appearance reflect her self-image and how she wished to portray herself to the world? Does she self-consciously compare herself with Durban and Jozi?

Like many South African cities, Cape Town will continue growing – either by spreading out or building up. If the CBD is one place where population density is dramatically increased, who would live there, and where would they shop, work and entertain themselves? What new types of social infrastructure would be needed to support them?

Cape Town's transportation system is not adequately serving the needs of the entire city population. Many people are unable to reach their destinations safely, afford-ably, reliably and on time. What would an effective system look like, and how would it operate?

To qualify for the prize you need to submit your entry before the 1st of November. However they have extended the deadline for ideas to be included in the book till the 30 November 2010. Those who wish to submit an idea should click here.

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