cop17: taking a "doo be doo" stand

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Zolani Mahola: Freshlyground "Taking a stand" for COP17. Are you?Zolani Mahola: Freshlyground "Taking a stand" for COP17. Are you?COP17 "Take a stand" with Freshlyground

Together we can create more awareness in order to drive a unified solution to Climate Change. Freshlyground have re-written the lyrics to their hit song "Doo Be Doo" especially for COP 17. Please share this new version of "Doo Be Doo - Take a Stand" across the country.

Blog about it, like it, tweet it, embed it, burn it, copy it, tell your local Radio station…. or just sing it! See below links to the new version.

1. Download the Song - FREE!

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3. Watch the Video

It’s easy to do knowing we all have the right to Take a Stand for free!

Zolani Mahola, lead singer of Freshlyground, and Leigh Wood, Producer of the youth program “It’s Up to US” on 50/50, co-wrote a new version of “Doo Be Doo” called “Doo Be Doo– Take a Stand” as a tribute to the youth and the environment for COP 17 - (The 17th Conference of the Parties) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The conference takes place 28 November to 9 December in Durban and will assess progress in dealing with climate change.

The song performed by Freshlyground also features a talented children’s choir from Soweto. The message of the song is directed toward the World Leaders, asking them to consider the voice of the youth whose generation will be the most affected by decisions made at the Climate Change talks.

Freshlyground are passionate ambassadors for the environment and conservation. The song also supports the “Consider US” campaign, which is a youth movement for children to voice their opinions on Climate Change in 20 words Consider Us

The 20 words that the kids write are put into a beautifully bound book and buried in a time capsule with an air and water sample for the next 30 years. The book will be buried on 8 December in the Durban Botanical Gardens just before the Freshlyground concert at 7pm

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