awesome permaculture poster series by afristar

Submitted by turbosprout on Wed, 2011-05-11 11:48

Afristar (along with Seed and funding partners) have produced a great series of 13 permaculture posters that every household, school or greening ngo should definitely not be without.

The posters cover key permaculture concepts or techniques, from making compost, keeping worms, recycling greywater et. al to talking stick circles! The illustration is superbly detailed, eye catching yet conveys the message simply - a picture tells a thousand words.

The posters are free to social welfare and educational organisations, otherwise they cost R 60 each incl postage. The planting calendars are available in a laminated retail version for R 80 incl postage.

Check out the entire set of posters on flickr or facebook.

Here is the list of posters available (comments by urban sprout). Contact Afristar for more details.

Companion planting
Lists the good companions (plants that have a positive effect, like increasing the yield or deterring pests) and bad companions for 22 plants or plant groups.

Recycling Greywater
Greywater (used water from sinks, basin, bath or washing machine) should be reused. Why? To recharge groundwater, reclaim nutrients, save precious fresh water, reduces strain on water treatment or septic tanks

Making compost
Send food scraps and garden waste to compost bootcamp! A great visual guide to making compost.

Permaculture Guilds
A plant guild is a group of plants that collectively increase productivity of the whole system. The whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Co-operation, not competition.

Planting a tree
As the greenpopsters would say: the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. Neat tip: put in a section of old pool pipe to get the water directly to the roots.

Social Permaculture: Talking Stick Circle
The carrot or the stick? The stick's fine if it's a talking circle stick! Ensures everyone gets a fair chance to participate.

Summer Rainfall and Winter Rainfall planting calendars
Refer back to planting calendar regularly - it has pride of place above my bokashi bin in the kitchen! What to plant when, month by month for SA's two major climatic zones.

Permaculture Water Principles
Save! Store! Sink! Spread! Stop! Practical illustrations show how to capture the water entering your system and put it to good use.

Worm Farms
The low down on a not so lowly worm (apologies to Richard Scarry): the amazing red wriggler. Including what to feed them, worm facts and what you'll get from your worm farm.

Permaculture Zones
Now you'll know your zone 2 from your zone 3. Permaculture places elements and functions into zones dependant on how often they need to be visited (energy efficiency).

Liquid Manure
How to make animal liquid manure and comfrey (and other herbs or even weed) tea. You won't get your dilution ratio's wrong with this poster.

Making an A-frame
Serious permaculturalist's will love this one. Use to mark your contours and start digging those swales!