anti-fracking “speak out” this wednesday, human rights day

Submitted by incoming on Mon, 2012-03-19 13:02

Anti-fracking “speak out” at Greenpoint Park on Human Rights Day, 21 March 2012
Time: 9h30

Earthlife Africa Cape Town are planning another anti-fracking protest on Human Rights Day, Wednesday 21 March, from 9h30 in Greenpoint Park, to highlight the threat that fracking poses to our basic human right to clean air and water.

“As 22 March is also World Water Day, we want to place special emphasis on the fact that the vast quantity of water needed in the proposed fracking operations will be permanently removed from the water cycle, and the waste water that is generated is so toxic to all life that it has to be permanently contained,” says convenor Marina Louw.

“South Africa can ill afford to squander its scarce resources in this way – our water demand could outstrip available supply between 2025 and 2030, and experts are warning that increasing demand for water will place severe strain on our country's ability to supply this finite resource.”

“Gas companies do not have a safe way to clean and dispose of fracking waste water, and this has been the cause of thousands of documented cases of contamination in the US. Municipal water plants are not equipped to deal with it. Vast volumes of frack flowback, combined with AMD and our already stressed waste water plants, spell potential disaster for the people of our country, especially poor rural communities, who are usually worst affected by mining operations,” adds Muna Lakhani.

The protest will take the form of a ‘Speaker’s Corner’, where people will be able to voice their opposition to fracking. The proceedings will be filmed, and people are encouraged to bring along posters and banners, as the rally will end with a short awareness-raising walk along the Promenade.