anthea takes on the city

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Anthea Torr, eco-entrepreneur and part of the local Freeman Movement - 'The Republic of Good Hope', has recently faced trial and a warrant for her arrest in an attempt for her critisms of the system to be heard.

Anthea Torr, owner of EnchantrixAnthea Torr, owner of Enchantrix

It all began with a building.

Having lately become very interested in the Freeman Society movement , Anthea decided not to follow the compliant route of obtaining legal papers for her structure, explaining her reasons clearly in 6 letters hand delivered to the council over the duration of a year.

Reaching the crux of the matter on Valentines Day, I watched as Anthea stood defiant in court - along with her supporters - refusing to be just another case but rather questioning the very system in charge.

Declaring herself not Anthea Torr, but a 'representative of the entity Anthea Torr', she asked to read aloud a written speech she had prepared. The magistrate and prosecutor seemed unsure of how to respond, but certainly appeared perturbed, dismissing her from the court rather quickly. A warrant for Anthea's arrest (based on her 'absence') was apparently put out immediately.

It was at this point that I left them, a group of murmuring revolutionaries huddled outside the Simon's Town courts, but I later learnt of Anthea's triumph: by persevering in her discussions with the magistrate and prosecutor her arrest warrant was dropped and she was promised an audience with none other than the senior prosecutor, who would be able to answer any questions she had.

Anthea and supporters gather outside the magistrate Court in SimonstownAnthea and supporters gather outside the magistrate Court in Simonstown

Using this opportunity to confront the City of Cape Town on certain issues she feels strongly about, Anthea is now busy preparing her questions as she expects to meet with the senior prosecutor soon.

'I decided I would take a stand in the name of Freedom,' says Anthea. 'If you do your research carefully you will discover that virtually every country in the world is beholden to the World Bank and the people that control it, control the leaders by terror and bribery.'

She explains that the 'Republic of South Africa'(and most countries of the world) is registered as a corporation and all us who live therein are considered 'legal entities'. The Freeman Movement worldwide has been working to expose these irksome facts amongst others, working to promote freedom, truth, peace and abundance in the process.

'By virtue of the system that we are in, to a large extent our freewill is removed,' Anthea believes. 'We are held in this system of economic slavery, and have little option but to operate within it. It is the very system that is preventing the people in this country and around the world, from living in peaceful, orderly and considerate ways...'

What will come of Anthea's meet with the senior prosecutor is anybody's guess, but one has to acknowledge her formidable courage. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of something great...

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