Amatola Green Power

Ivan Wyk
telephone number 011 783 1922
fax number 011 783 1933
physical address 122 12th Street, Parkmore, Johannesburg, 2196
postal address PO Box 651739, Benmore, Johannesburg, 2010

Alternative green energy.

Due to a strong international lobby, global industries are becoming increasingly aware of the damaging effect that the use of energy from fossil fuels and emissions have on our environment. The obvious alternative is to convert to environmental friendly sources, i.e. Green Power. Although we are blessed with abundant sources of energy in South Africa, Green Power is still a rare commodity. The buyer of Green Power contributes to the growth of this industry while at the same time ensuring the reduction of harmful Green House Gases, mostly responsible for Climate Change and Global Warming. South Africa has also one of the highest levels of Greenhouse gas emissions in the developing world.

For each R 1000 paid for Green Power, the buyer removes approx. 2.3 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, that would otherwise have been emitted into the air that we breathe.