Alternative Energy Development Corporation

telephone number 011 791 0802
fax number 011 791 0802
physical address 11 Dirk Road, Northwold, Randburg, Johannesburg

Alternative Energy Development Corporation Ltd (AEDC) is an unlisted South African public company with some 280 shareholders in various countries. AEDC has placed a strong emphasis on social development with a particular focus on rural electrification. We have and will continue to provide rural communities with access to affordable basic electricity while stimulating sustainable economic activity in these areas. Our flagship product is Mr. Fuel Cell, a zinc air fuel cell set that is able to operate appliances without using conventional electrical supply. We also provide alternative energy solutions to businesses assisting them to reduce costs and optimise performance. All our products are environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous and safe to use. The energy is available 24/7. Skills and economic development are at the core of our values at AEDC. We are well aware that skills shortages and lack of skills transfer is not Government’s challenge alone but also a corporate issue. We are continuously involved in training and developing previously disadvantaged South Africans to become active in the economy.